The Bucharest Music Institute (BMI) Conducting Academy / & Bucharest Symphony Orchestra presents the

BMI International Conducting Masterclass & Competition

Edition V / MMXXIII Bucharest, July 7-16, 2023

July 07-11

A Conductor’s Masterclass for Career Advancement and Repertoire Enhancement” with John Axelrod & Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, in Bucharest, Romania.

July 12-16

International Competition with Bucharest Symphony Orchestra & Winners Awards Gala Concert (July 16)


Conducting Academy Masterclass offers 50% scholarships for Romanian students.

George Enescu Festival, 2021 – John Axelrod conducts the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra: Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey – Diamantés para Aranjuez

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The Masterclass

July 7 – 11, 2023
Welcoming ceremony on July 12 @ 7pm

John Axelrod

BMI welcomes onboard the renowned Conductor & Professor, Maestro John Axelrod.

The Competition

July 12 – 16, 2022
Welcoming ceremony on July 12 @ 7pm


BMI Conducting Academy and Bucharest Symphony Orchestra offers 50% reimbursement benefits for Romanian citizens.

Riku Okamoto – 1st Prize – Japan, 2022

The Awards

Three prizes and four awards awaits your talent.

The fourth Edition Winners

The Winners

The winners and their achievements. Meet them.

”Congratulations to all our previous
participants & winners!”

Bucharest Music Institute (BMI) provides the best experience in Romania that has the required resources to help the aspiring masters of orchestral direction to achieve their goal: to learn how to conduct an orchestra. And much more. Attending our masterclasses you will learn how to develop the essential technique and proper skills and furthermore, the necessary support for a career in orchestral conducting.

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