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valid for the BMI International Conducting Masterclass & Competition, the fourth edition – July 8-16, 2023

Thank you for your intention in applying to the 2023 edition of the BMI Bucharest Music Institute – International Masterclass & Conducting Competition in Bucharest, Romania.

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  • artist CV in editable text format;
  • three phrases bios in editable text format;
  • letter of recommendation;
  • one or two artist photos;
  • payment proof of application cost for €50 : the wire transfer confirmation in PDF or bank transaction statement. The rest of the fee will be paid upon video selection procedure.

Video that shows your skills or your live performance

YOUR VIDEO MUST ILLUSTRATE YOUR CONDUCTING EITHER WITH ORCHESTRA, OR WITH PIANO OR STRING QUARTET. Please submit SOLELY YOUR PERFORMANCE video that is currently visible or unlisted on,, or similar video sharing services.

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